About Us

Welcome to DomJohn Automotives PTY LTD, you complete Automotive Service Solution.

DomJohn Automotive

Owned and Operated by Partners Dom and John since 1984.

DomJohn Automotive Services are an independently owned and operated automotive service workshop, which means we provide the good old fashioned customer service that you can expect from an owner operated business.

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We firmly believe that good customer service is the cornerstone of any business and we strive to keep our customers happy, because after all without you we have no business.

Always a pleasure, not a hassle.


Our Service

Some mechanics don't seem to have the time to explain exactly what services have been done to your car or why - at DomJohn our mechanics are happy to discuss your car and will go out of their way to help you with any issues - so feel free to ask us anything.

Our workshop is always open, so you can see exactly what we're working on.